Fancy For A Life Of Adventure

I have been quite a roamer in strange places, and at first had a fancy for life of adventure.

Before going on my first adventure abroad, I wasn’t sure if this would be the right thing to do. Leaving home seemed scary and the pure thought of leaving each and everyone I knew  behind was very intimidating.

Life Of Adventure

Looking back to this time I am glad I took the step and left my comfort zone. Because going abroad can be so exciting and rewarding at the same time!

Here is what I learned:

By living abroad you can get to know a new country, that has a different culture, a different language, people have other habits and moral concepts.

Learning about other cultures is really fascinating and there is no better way in getting to know everything about it, than by living surrounded by this culture.

You might be able to pick up a new language and you will make new connections that will enrich you and your personal development immensely. Knowing people from different countries provides you with insights you will never get by spending a week on vacation in a different country.

Being friends with people from all over the world builds character and common sense. You will get a feeling of cultural differences and you will learn so much about how special the way you grew up was.

But in the end non of that is really important, because it doesn’t matter where your new friends come from or what language they speak, as long as everyone speaks one common language you can build up friendships that have something special. They are certainly different from friendships with people from your hometown, because you might not be able to spend many years together, depending on your stay abroad, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be friends for a lifetime.

You will get to experience so many new things, see so many new places and after a couple of month you won’t be sure anymore where your home is. Is it where you come from or is it where you are right now? Is it where your old friends or your new friends are?

Sometimes it happens that people fall in love with a new place and just end up staying there for a longer time than they wanted to in the first place. Others get hooked on traveling and aim to explore as much as they can. The last group of people goes home after their time abroad is over, loaded with big bags of good memories and new friends and won’t be able to stop talking about their adventures. But most certainly this experience will change their lives and point of view.

After experiencing something as special as living abroad, you will look at certain things in a different way.

  • Meeting new people won’t be uncomfortable anymore.
  • Being alone in a place you have never been to before won’t be intimidating anymore.
  • Speaking another language won’t be a problem anymore
  • Solving problems all by yourself won’t be difficult anymore.
  • Home will still be home for you but you will understand that one can have more than one home. One can have more than one family, in more than one place.

Did you experience something similar when you went abroad?



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